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The Dickinson Research Team (DiRT) is a residential community-based research program that is the first of its kind in the United States. Founded by Dickinson Collegiate Professor, Kimberly Jaussi, Ph.D. 


As part of our effort to provide every undergraduate student living in Dickinson Community with a research experience, we keep DiRT open to all students who are interested in research. This means that everyone from incoming freshman with no research background to graduating seniors with years of experience are welcome here at DiRT. And since we understand that students have busy schedules that change based on the time of the semester, students are welcome to commit as many hours as their schedules will permit!


"DiRT provides me with an opportunity to do research during my first year, which allows me to learn skills related to researching earlier in my education. The skills that I am learning years before my peers allow me to grow intellectually and continue to challenge myself through my search for different claims. DiRT provides an outlet outside of the classroom where my curiosity can continue to grow"

-Maytar Nebel

Undergraduate Researcher

Do you want to join the team? Have questions about research in Dickinson Community? Are you a perspective student with an interest in research? Contact us with any questions! 

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